About Me


Me eating my first cronut at Sunset Cliffs, in San Diego

My name is Darren and somehow you wound up on my page. I feel bad for you because you can’t grab all the delicious food straight from your screen and eat it right away. That doesn’t mean you can’t eat everything I post about in the future though! And who knows, maybe one day someone will invent a device where you simply press a button and whatever you crave instantly appears ala Jean-Luc Picard. ūüôā

If you made it to this site you probably like food just like me. My food journey started when I was a kid and I started taking really bad pictures of food before Instagram and it was a thing to take pictures of food. Actually, my whole family has been doing it probably before I was born, so I blame them for all of the odd looks I get in public.

Since we had all these pictures of food, in 2010 my cousins (Michael and Jorgina) and I started a food blog in San Diego called SanDiegoFood.net,¬†to help us remember all the places we went to. They still run it today so go check them out! However, I moved in 2017 to be closer to the woman I now call my¬†fianc√©, and hopefully will soon call my wife. I’ll probably refer to her on the blog as “the¬†fianc√©” or “the lady” or “the wife” or any other interesting names I find myself calling her depending on my mood.

Finally in early 2018 I opted to start another blog, The Constant Wobbler, chronicling our food adventures, travels, recipes and local eats in the bay area. There might be some random posts sprinkled in that have nothing to do with any of those things I mentioned, so be prepared!

“The Constant Wobbler” Name

Why “The Constant Wobbler”? Well as you may have picked up by now, food is kind of my thing. When we travel, I often like to tailor the itinerary around food destinations and fill the rest in with other sites to see. According to Dictionary.com, a wobbler is a person or thing that moves unsteadily from side to side. That perfectly defines my state right after I leave a good restaurant. All I think about is Violet from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. All I need is oompa loompa’s to roll me back home!

Hope you enjoy your stay here at The Constant Wobbler!