Town Square Eats – Oakland

We’ve been eating at home a lot more than usual lately so we haven’t had a chance to venture and try too many new things. But we did have our first Impossible Burger the other day at Town Square Eats in Oakland. The Impossible burger is completely plant based. Crazy right? More on that later.

Town Square Eats shares space with Crooked City Cider pretty close to Jack London Square. They just opened in March and we caught them on a fairly slow day. There’s a good amount of communal tables and a few tv’s (perfect for playoff game watching).

Oh and they have a small game room in the back with some old school arcade and pinball machines too!

Avocado Salad – little gems, radish, green goddess vinaigrette ($11)

We started out with a salad which was pretty good. $11 for a small salad is pretty standard in Oakland. That doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it. ;(

Onion Dip Impossible Burger – havarti, onion jam, onion au jus ($15)

This is what we came for though. They get mad points for the onion burger cover! How cute is that.

Wrapped up inside is the Impossible burger! I’ve been meaning to try it for a long time since my cousin told me about it in San Diego. He’s been on a health kick with cutting out meat most days and really liked the burgers he has tried down there. So I was excited to say the least!

The Impossible burger headquarters is based out of Redwood City and their goal is to “understand exactly what people love about meat, dairy, and fish, and then explore the plant world for specific ingredients that recreate those experiences — the flavor, the texture, the juicy sizzle.” Read more about it here. Their ultimate goal is use less land, and water, with fewer emissions by cutting out the cow entirely from the process.

So how was it!? It wasn’t bad… But it definitely was missing something. I came here craving a plain ole regular burger with all the standard fix ins: lettuce, tomato, or ketchup. Maybe it was my fault because they only offered this one type of burger and I should have known beforehand. The meat itself I didn’t find off putting and resembled a meat loaf like consistency. It was plenty juicy. I just really missed the other toppings. Also, the au jus was sweet. It needed some salt imo.

Mochi Donut Holes – coconut, banana dulce de leche ($7)

The surprise of the day was our mochi donut holes dessert. Mochi desserts are pretty high on our list these days and this one had all the characteristics we look for, crunch, chewiness, the perfect amount of sweetness, with just the right amount so we weren’t overly stuffed. If mochi isn’t your thing, I heard the housemade sweet potato pie is very good as well at Town Square Eats.

Final Thoughts

Would I order the Impossible burger again? Yes! But I would want to try it somewhere else. It’s been around for about three years and now you can find it nationwide. Other popular places that offer it are Umami Burger and The Counter. The next target for me is Scolari’s in Alameda. That one you can get it with blueberry sauce and bacon. I know, what’s the point? Because it tastes good? We’ll see how that one goes… Anyone else try the Impossible burger? What do you think??

Town Square Eats
206 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94607

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