Wild Ginger – Alameda

We’ve visited Wild Ginger a few times now in Alameda. It is located on Park street but farther South where it isn’t quite as busy. From the outside it looks a little fancier than your typical Chinese restaurant. They specialize in spicy Sichuan cuisine.

And even inside along the wall looking at the menu you still feel like it’s a little more modern. But that’s where the unfamiliarity stops. The tables, chairs, and service is all very reminiscent of your average Chinese joint. I don’t need fake smiles and staff checking on me every 5 minutes to have a nice meal. But upon entering you really don’t know what to expect.

Spicy & Sour Beef – Noodles in spicy & sour soup ($11.99)

We’ve come here several times to try different things. But every time it hits that spot when we are craving spicy hand pulled noodles. The medium broth is spicy but more tingling spicy than the type that makes your eyes want to open up wide and tear up. The thin beef easily comes apart and melts away.

The hand pulled noodles though! That’s really what this place does well. They are firm and oh so delicious. I love this type of food when I feel at home and this definitely constitutes comfort food in my book.

Pork Dumplings in Soup ($8.99)

We also wanted to try the dumpling soup. Again, the thin dumpling wrappers were great and the filling had a tiny bit of sweetness to them. We asked if they could also put noodles in these and they accommodated no questions asked. The medium spice level was on par with the spicy and sour beef soup.

Beef Malatang – Rice cake, enoki mushrooms, black fungus, lotus root, seaweed, potato, bean curd skin, tofu, Chinese cabbage, green onions, cilatro ($12.99)

Finally we had to try the Malatang which I’ve never really had. It’s like a spicy hot pot. There is so much packed into this bowl of soup and it was quite enjoyable. We didn’t add anything to it and went basic on the order. There’s all sorts of things you can add to it if you choose like extra toppings and different types of noodles. We also go this medium but it wasn’t as spicy as the other bowls of soup.

Final Thoughts

If you like hand pulled, doughy noodles with a strong broth I would suggest giving them a try. I love the feeling of my mouth getting tingly and numb from the peppercorns for some reason. We’ve never had to wait for a table and service is relatively quick. They only have seating for about 25, so I wouldn’t come with a huge group. Happy noodle hunting!

Wild Ginger
1239 Park St
Alameda, CA 94501

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