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Have you ever been a sucker for tempting ads? You know what I’m talking about. The kind that forces you to click a few times to find out what you’ve been missing your entire life. Then a minute later you enter in your credit card information and hit “purchase.” Man it is so easy to get swayed and buy things online.

Facebook has turned into an ad minefield and this time I stepped on the Ramen Hero mine. When it involves food it is easy to see how I got sucked in. Door delivered ramen? Sure, why not!? The regular tonkotsu ramen costs $12 per serving with a minimum of 2 servings and a $9.99 delivery charge (ouch!). I found a new customer discount making the total $30.39 for two bowls of ramen. Right now if you sign up for their email list you get free shipping.

It comes in a nice ice packed box with your very own Ramen Hero branded chopsticks.

Why would you want ramen delivered to your house? For us it comes down to convenience. Our favorite ramen joints are in San Mateo and getting there from the East Bay is no easy task. Also, places like Ramen Dojo or Ramen Parlor will more than likely have a long line.

The instructions seemed pretty straightforward. It is hard to beat a 15 minute cook time! Although, instant noodles are ready in 5 minutes… Obviously the ingredients here are fresh and as close as you can get to restaurant made noodles. I have to admit the thought of boiling plastic bags in a pot did not make me feel like a Top Chef Master (nor safe). But since I would be eating in no time that feeling quickly subsided.

The ingredients appeared standard to a regular tonkotsu bowl of ramen I’d get eating out. Although an egg and green onions would have been a nice touch.

And here the plastic resides in its glorious pot of boiling water. At this point in the preparation I was not overly confident this would turn out so well.

I didn’t want to overcook the noodles as I do enjoy a good chew. 1.5 minutes was just about right. The broth looked decent with some pork fat oil lingering at the top.

And here is the assembled bowl or tonkotsu ramen. Not bad looking huh? You have your ginger, Kikurage mushroom, nori seaweed, and of course your pork chashu.

I’m not gonna lie and tell you it is better than restaurant ramen. Of course it isn’t! But it was decent. The broth was thick, creamy, and had some pork essence. But for me it needed more richness and flavor. They could have included a few more pieces of pork as well. Like I mentioned before, I had no problems with the noodles. The soup just didn’t wow me and needed that extra punch.

Final Thoughts

At about $15 a bowl you get as close to the feel of restaurant ramen you’re probably going to get at home unless you make it yourself. But it is missing some things I like such as an egg, green onions, bamboo shoots, and bean sprouts. Ramen is one of those things I usually never crave. But when I go to a really good place I am satisfied from start to finish. At an okay place I get tired of it halfway. That happened here with Ramen Hero. The start was fine and I happily slurped down my noodles. But towards the end I wanted something else to fill me up.

For now, I’ll probably stick to the restaurants or maybe even try to use the Instant Pot to make my own broth. But who knows, maybe we’ll venture into some of the other flavors and give them a shot again in the future when we feel like staying home on a cold, rainy January night.

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