Maejoo – San Leandro

Maejoo opened last April in Pelton Plaza in San Leandro right next to iTea! You know San Leandro needs more love in the food department. When we saw it we had to check out what they gots.

There menu hasn’t changed much since they first opened, save for one less meat option and price here and there. Super simple = my cup of tea.

To start they give complimentary carrots and cucumbers with some sort of bean paste? 

We also got a complimentary cabbage and tofu soup. The, warm, calm and homey start tickled our taste buds for the more potent stuff to come.

Kimchi, fish cake, seaweed

I love me some bonchon. They didn’t give a huge amount of selection here. Still, it was tasty and after all, it was lunch. We didn’t need to stuff ourselves too silly.

Korean fried chicken with sweet spicy chili sauce ($9.95)

We lika da fried chicken. Yup, as expected these were bomb. Super crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The sauce had less heat and more sweet for my taste. If not for the delicious and moist chicken, the scale could have turned the wrong way. Luckily, they cooked it just right.

Kimchi soft tofu stew ($10.95)

The vegetarian kimchi stew hit that spot you want hit as often as possible. I call it comforty goodness. If it was socially acceptable to swim in kimchi stew and it didn’t burn my skin and eyes, I would be the first to sign up. Museum of kimchi stew anyone? With a spice level of mild, it looks a lot spicier than it was. On my scale it was a 2/10.

Short ribs ($14.95)

Never to be forgotten are the short ribs. With a great balance of sweet and savory, these did vanish quickly. One thing we noticed was that some of the pieces were pretty fatty. When there are only like 5 pieces and 2 of them are 50% fat me no likey. It’s possible we could have just got a bad batch. In any case, the other pieces almost didn’t exist they got devoured so fast.

Last Thoughts

San Leandro has been upping their food game lately and I like it. Now that we got a few newer Korean places like Maejoo and Bonchon, we could use a reliable Thai place. Do iiiitttt. Maejoo is pretty small. There’s maybe only 7 tables inside. That would classify it as a hole in the wall and those are the best places to find food! What are you craving for lately?

185 Pelton Center Way
San Leandro, CA 94577

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