Papaito Rotisserie – Hayward

Having lived in the bay area for over a year now, I can safely say I’ve exhausted the eateries within maybe 5 miles of where I live. I’m starting to get a little bit bored of the options. Luckily other towns and areas are not too far away that we can explore. Papaito resides in Hayward which is not too far away from us. The restaurant location itself is in a an odd area and not a whole lot of restaurants are close by. That doesn’t really matter too much if the food here is worth a visit.

I enjoy eating so many things but chicken is probably my favorite protein. It rarely gets old and can be cooked in so many different enjoyable ways. I happen to be a breast man, but legs and wings have their place on the list as well.

Papaito’s 1/2 Herb Chicken: roasted aromatic Herbs Chef selection ($10)

I wish I snapped a picture of the rotisserie in the back. There is nothing quite like a bird or meat being slowly cooked. My eyes follow round and round in a daze. Many fond memories of adobada at Tacos El Gordo in San Diego come to mind. Mmmm. Talk about comfort. Boy was this tender. The meat just fell off the bone and I may have licked the plate dry. Not only was it tender but the herbs along with “Da Authentic Che-Michurri” sauce had me wide eyed wondering what we stumbled upon. Unassuming random strip malls can yield amazing results! In regards to the sauce you get one for free to choose from. Before you decide they allow you to sample all four. The others are chipotle, French, and a spicy sauce.

Small Smoked corn salad ($4) and Casserole mushrooms ($4)

Sides! We love them. While the sides weren’t as revolutionary as the chicken, they were enjoyable and complimented the main quite nicely. The corn slightly edged out the mushrooms in terms of flavor. The smokiness of the corn hits you from the start. Cream of mushroom soup come to mind with the mushrooms.

Final Thoughts

Papaito is a hidden gem that we will visit again to try the porchetta and maybe even get some more chicken alongside it. It is not often you are thoroughly impressed and comforted at the same time. It looks like they are opening one in San Leandro soon too! Woohoo! When was the last time a restaurant surprised you in a good way?

Papaito Rotisserie
26007 Eden Landing Rd
Hayward, CA 94545

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