Oori Rice Triangles – Oakland

Oori Rice Triangles opened a second location in Oakland in the Rockridge area sometime in June. We were in the area and decided to try it out.

The menu is super simple with not very many options. 

We visited a few months ago so I am not sure how busy it is now, but when we went there was a constant flow and they were working hard to get out all the food to their hungry food seekers.

Rice Triangles: Chicken – grilled all nature boneless chicken thighs, teriyaki, scallions ($3.15) and Spicy ahi tuna – raw wild caught ahi tuna, spicy aioli, scallions, sesame seeds, gluten free ($3.65)

It would be silly to go here and not try the rice triangles. For the price I think you get value. They were basically the size of your palm. All that rice definitely fills you up. Each of the fillings were flavorful and certainly were welcomed with the rice. I fancied the tuna not only for the taste but because the chicken was a tad bit dry.

Small short rib plate ($7.95)

They really only offer two different main options and we veered towards the short rib route with this plate. The meat is pretty flavorful, if not salty. Underneath all that meat is white rice. No skimping here and again there is value with the small plate. I’m not sure what a regular size looks like.

Final Thoughts

We have been traveling a decent amount lately so hopefully I can post some of the things we discovered when we were away. For this though, I would probably go back and try some of their other options. I don’t think I would go way out of my way for it though. This place would be awesome to stop in and get some of the rice triangles and eat on the go or when I didn’t have time to sit down. They remind me of 7-11 in Japan and being able to just grab some and eat on the train. That’s all folks! Hope everyone had a nice Halloween and is getting excited for the rest of the holidays coming up!

Oori Rice Triangles
6000 College Ave
Oakland, CA 94618

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