The Oyster Bar – Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe

For my bachelor party we decided to hop on a short flight to Las Vegas. Most everyone was coming from California, but some flew all the way from Texas and Washington DC. I felt the love! Las Vegas seemed easy and somewhat central. This post will cover our visit on the tail end of the trip to a place called The Oyster Bar. They specialize in seafood dishes like gumbo, clam chowder, and the ever so popular pan roast.

It all started at Palace Station Hotel & Casino in 1995. Ever since they opened they’ve been a popular dining destination for locals and tourists alike. Be prepared to wait in line for one of their 18 seats. Because of the popularity, there are a handful of locations now in Las Vegas that have popped up over the years in hotels like Harrah’s and the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. A few of my friends on the trip recommended we make a stop and this was the first time I’ve ever gone. Good recommendation and worth the wait!

The dish that everyone had in front of them was the pan roast. We got the combo which has crab, lobster, and shrimp in a tomato and cream based broth. It is very fragrant with brandy, butter, and a bunch of spices. They cook it right in front of you in these large metal pots that have a hinge so it can be poured right into your bowl when it finishes cooking. The pan roast’s come with a side of rice to soak up all the seafood goodness.

What can I say? It was sooo damn good and satisfying. Yes it is heavy and yes it will fill you up until you feel sick. But it is worth every ache and pain you’ll suffer after. If that scares you, maybe you can share a bowl with a friend or loved one. That’s the approach I’ll take when I visit again. The brandy is noticeable but is balanced by the fresh tomatoes and spices. There’s nothing better than a good soupy dish with rice on the side. I never will tire of dishes like this. The chunks of seafood were plentiful and they do not skimp at all.

A little side of bread that may be best used when your pan roast arrives.

Remember how I said they do not skimp? The really pack it in with the seafood goods.

The Oyster Bar Part 2: A few weeks ago the W and I went to Lake Tahoe. We were supposed to go to Hawaii, except mother nature had other plans and Hurricane Lane decided to delay our honeymoon. As we were checking out the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in South Lake Tahoe a ray of sunlight shined upon a section of the casino. As we got closer, I asked myself, “could it be? Yes!!!!” Luck not only comes in the form of winning money at the casino, but winning in the food department for me. Yes you probably guessed it, there was an Oyster Bar location in Hard Rock!

Here are the pots again lined up in the same configuration. And I caught some pouring action of our bowls.

The W never had it and I was excited for her. We had a game plan. Order one combo pan roast and try the clam chowder. For the most part, it worked. The W doesn’t eat very much and I still got super full. In any case, our mission was accomplished. She got to try the pan roast I was raving about and we got to taste another menu item. The clam chowder was quite good as well. I always prefer more potato and a denser chowder. It was creamy and a bit thin. The flavor though was nice and when dipped in bread, mmmmm.

Here is the pan roast at the Lake Tahoe location. If you compare the two there are some distinct differences. This version is more of a stew and is very very thick. The one in Vegas we had was way more soupy, which I prefer. The flavor didn’t seem to be all too different though. The thinner version lends itself more to mixing it with the rice and was a tad less heavy.

Final Thoughts

Whenever I find something I’ve never had before the kid that I am gets excited. It was almost too hyped because a few of my friend’s said they loved it. Luckily, I defended my mind against said hype and internally downplayed it. Operation turn down for food successful. Since I don’t go to Lake Tahoe or Las Vegas nearly as much as I used to, I seriously think I could go to The Oyster Bar every single time I went to Las Vegas. Especially since my fondness of buffet’s has waned over the years and pan roast is not in the regular rotation.

Have you ever had pan roast before or gone to The Oyster Bar? What else should we try next time?









The Oyster Bar
2411 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89102

50 Hwy 50
Stateline, NV 89449

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