Costco Self Service Kiosks

This post will be quick and sort of food related. Have you noticed the self service kiosks at Costco!? I feel like the the food area and offerings are changing so much lately. First the removal of the polish dog. Then adding the acai bowl, hamburgers, and some salads. (See my post about those items here.) Now adding kiosks and chili! Is this the end of the world as we know it? They served chili at other Costco’s I think for a while now but it is new for the one close to us.

Seeing the automated kiosks for the first time was a shock. When you are so programmed to follow the same routine for years and years, any change is big. This one is ginormous. They stick out like a sore thumb.

Although relatively easy to navigate and use, I can imagine the old school Costco people like my parents will prefer just to line up and tell someone their order rather than have to use a machine to order. This new process would probably be as frustrating as texting for them. There aren’t very many options to choose from though and I can see myself using it as long as the line was equal or shorter than the regular line.

Speaking of lines, how they do lay out the ordering lines is there are separate lines for the self ordering kiosks and the manual in person registers. Once you use the self service kiosk, you line up just like before to get your order. This was especially confusing for people because there were no instructions informing customer’s how it all works. I observed a few other people first and followed their lead. But I did notice more than a few other customers accidentally line up in the self service line. When they made it to the front they were told to line up in the other line because the kiosk line does not have a register or way to process payment. There’s nothing worse than waiting in a long ass line only to be told to wait in another long ass line while hungry.

Hopefully the process will either be easier to follow after going through it once or how it works will be made more clear in the future.

Final Thoughts

While I do believe in not changing something if it ain’t broke, I’m all for adapting if it means greater efficiency without sacrificing quality. And if it saves me 5 minutes You find me in the self service queue more often than not. As for the chili, it was okay. It could have been served warmer and with cheese. That would make it so much better. Next time we’ll try to get a hot dog and make our own chili dog!

Has anyone used the new kiosks? What do you think of them and all the recent changes to the menu?


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