Liholiho Yacht Club – San Francisco

Coming at cha with a brand new post…post wedding! Yup. You heard it right. I got married! Now I can refer to my lady as my wifey on the blog. Apologies for the hiatus. Hopefully I can post more regularly now that we are done with all the fun wedding planning. Back to the food we all like to drool at. A long ass time ago my brother got us a gift certificate for Liholiho Yacht Club in San Francisco. We tried to go a bunch of times but they are always booked way in advance and the only openings were really late at night. One day we just said, F it, let’s just roll up there early and stand in line.

When we got there around 4:40pm we weren’t sure to be happy at the long line which could be validation for good food to be had, or sad we’d have to wait forever to get in. Doors open at 5:00pm. Luckily, the line moved pretty fast (probably because they reserve about half the restaurant for walk ins).

I’m guessing the walk-ins get all the super special premium bar seating to themselves. This place is so hot there was a guy who stood next to me, ordered, and finished his meal in under 20 minutes, including his drink without a chair. To say we were ready to finally dig in is an understatement.

Little gems, brokaw avocado, shiso ranch, formanova beets, furikake crunch – $15.86

The beet salad is strong on our list of recent must haves. I don’t know why but I literally just ate one yesterday and we ordered another one less than a week ago. Maybe we can eat it so often because they have been prepared so differently. This one featured silky smooth sweet beets with a tame shiso ranch dressing. The furikake crunch added a welcomed texture to each bite. We were off to a nice start.

Fried rice, brentwood corn, house-made spam, white clamshell mushrooms – $16.90

No proper Hawaiian meal would be complete without some trace of spam. And house-made can’t be beat. The addition of the plump clamshell mushrooms totally takes this to another level. The spam pieces were cut quite thick and I prefer slightly thinner cuts. Still, the flavors were there and got me from the get go. I hope to dream of you tonight oh mighty spam fried rice.

Opah, chili-honey rub, butter beans, preserved meyer lemon, mei qing choy, soy brown butter – $40.82

Can we just give it up for the plating and presentation at Liholiho. Not only that, but the portions are very generous. What to say about this one…YUM. Well there is something to be said about the product they source. It’s not everyday I eat these huge butter beans or fresh opah. The firm fish had a mouth chew closer to red meat and there’s something satisfying about that. The mei qing choy soaked up all the nice tangy sauce and also gave you a crunch to enjoy. I really had a good time with this dish.

Beef ribs, kimchi pineapple glaze, stonefruit, miso butter zucchini, pickled onion – $43.94

You can’t tell, but the portion of this entree was borderline ridiculous. Six huge beef ribs with all the other components had our mouths open wide in disbelief. It probably wasn’t the first time the staff has seen adults straight up salivating. Still to this day I’m not sure how the person next to us polished off his plate AND still had room for dessert. Fall off the bone and tender as they come, it’s about as good as a sweet and savory mashup I could ask for. I wish there was a little more kimchi and less pineapple. Other than that, we got full after one rib each and had a ton of leftovers.

Guava mochi cake, white chocolate buttermilk cream, caramelized phyllo, strawberries – $11.44

We were very on the fence about getting dessert because we had so much food to take home. In the end we went all in and got the guava mochi cake. Best. Decision. Ever. This may be my favorite dessert of 2018. No joke. I don’t know how they make it, and I keep on telling myself I want to look up their recipe or other similar recipes. A life touched by this dessert would be a sad one if only allowed to experience it one time. It had the perfect amount sweetness and the most velvety soft yet satisfying mouthfeel. After I dream about spam fried rice I hope to transition to you oh sweet sweet guava mochi cake.

Final Thoughts and Rambling

Please please please come visit Liholiho Yacht Club. It is a little pricey so maybe save it for a birthday or any other celebration excuse. But do not wait as long as we did. You will leave happy, full, and oh so satisfied!

I wonder if my taste buds will change now that I am a married man. Everyone always asks me, “do you feel different?” The first couple days I honestly can say I did not. We just got done with a super busy yet super rewarding time in our lives and nothing really sunk in. A few weeks in I can safely say that yes, I do feel different. I feel better. I feel more refreshed, and I have a newfound energy to take on anything coming my way. Maybe it’s this new Green Lantern like wedding ring that gives me this power.  Could it be? It could be…but it’s most likely due to my real life superhero wife unlocking the SSJ in me and I can’t wait to see what’s next! ;p

Liholiho Yacht Club
871 Sutter St
San Francisco, CA 94109

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  1. Congrats Darren! It is a big relief to be done with wedding stuff. Time for the forever ball and chain (j/k). But seriously, looking forward to seeing your eats again. Most importantly, take care of your wife and vice versa!

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