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There are changes happening at Costco if you haven’t heard. Specifically with the ever popular food court menu options. Enter the Costco cheeseburger and acai bowl.

$4.99 is a steep price considering you can get a hot dog and a drink for $1.50. We’re a little spoiled in that sense. It’s been this price since 1985 and doesn’t look like the price will change anytime soon either. If you want to read more about that, here is an interesting article about how they make no money off of their hot dog’s and basically it is there to bring you in so you purchase other things. Now back to the burger. Take a long hard look at the picture…

Does that signage look anything like this picture of the actual burger? Not quite. I really despise unmelted cheese on burgers. To me, what’s the point of having it if it isn’t melted? In any case, how would it taste? Well, looks were not too deceiving in this case. I probably had higher expectations due to the $4.99 price tag. Naturally you compare to other hamburgers you can get for around the same price. I think a double double front In N Out will run you a little under $4. No it was not as good as In N Out. Not even close. Was it bad? Not really. It kind of reminded me of a burger you can get at a bbq that had been sitting out for about 10 minutes. The meat was alright, the bread was room temperature, the cheese unmelted, and the lettuce and tomatoes were thrown in the general vicinity of the burger.

Let’s shift gears a second to the beloved polish dog. They don’t serve it anymore at Costco! That is what we always got when we ate at Costco. They say it is being removed in order to provide healthier options. People are pissed. So pissed someone started a petition on in an effort to bring back the Polish dog. We will miss the Polish dog and if they end up serving it again in the future, we will be happy so many others were so unhappy about the Polish dog’s disappearance.

Back to the Acai Bowl. Again, this one costs $4.99. Not too bad considering many other similar Acai Bowl’s can be $10 or more. Let’s look at the picture comparison.

They are fairly close. The soft serve looks a little different and the chunks of granola and banana chips seem to be chunkier. From the picture, I didn’t even know it came with banana chips. The strawberries tasted syrupy but the blueberries were nice and fresh. I suppose if I wanted to be a little healthier I would get this again. The actual acai flavor was not the best, but for convenience, you can’t beat it.


Final Thoughts

Will these menu items change our experience forever? Not really. I think the only adjustment will be ordering the regular hot dog versus getting the phased our Polish dog. The cheeseburger probably won’t get ordered again. And the Acai bowl will be a very occasional buy.

What do you think of the new food court menu at Costco? Do you approve of the Costco cheeseburger and acai bowl and what would you like to see from them next?

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San Leandro, CA 94577

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