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Meet Fresh is a new boba and dessert place in Fremont that soft opened exactly one week ago. They have a location in Cupertino that has been open for a couple years and they are set to open one in Oakland Chinatown soon as well. We always welcome new boba spots! From the looks of things, they have a pretty strong presence in China and Taiwan, with more locations set to open in the US as well. It all began in Taiwan from a farming brother and sister who started making taro balls and herbal jelly desserts. They’ve come a long way since then.

Now with new places comes challenges, and I do not expect service to be perfect.

Some people would give bad reviews for the long lines. Me? I try to give a place at least a few months to get their process down as far as speed of service or even making a mistake with the order.

What’s different about this place is their option to use their self ordering system. They had it closed the entire time we were in line and as we got to the front register to place our order, a worker opened the self order machine for us to use. Cool! We get to try something new that will hopefully make the line go faster and remove any human interaction.

There were some difficulties with the interface. First, we could not figure out how to make customization’s to our drinks. We wanted to have less ice and less sugar, but it wasn’t super clear how to do that. Finally after we cancelled our order to start from scratch a few times, we tapped “Add toppings” and it allowed us to make those changes there. Now that we know where it is, we can find it easily. But if it was stated on that screen we wouldn’t be fumbling with the machine very long. We got it in the end, so no problem.

As we finished and clicked on “Pay Credit Card” it gave us an error. A’s credit card was not going through so we tried mine and it seemed to work. It said payment was accepted and we took our pager to an table outside.

As the first step of the process, you take a pager and enter the number so the system knows what pager to page for your order. And we waited…and waited. We noticed other people behind us get their orders and started to wonder…did our order go through? They were really busy and we just thought it was soft opening slowness. But 25 minutes had passed and we were getting antsy. My better half decided to check on our order and to our surprise, there was a problem. One worker said that sometimes it doesn’t go through. If you didn’t receive a receipt it probably didn’t go through. Well, that would have been nice to know. Guess we were the guinea pigs that day.

Remember I said before how I expect issues for any soft opening. Sure. But it wasn’t just one person that knew about the potential issue. Another worker came up after and said the same thing, “oh, it didn’t give you a receipt right?” And then we finally spoke with the manager who confirmed the issue. That’s where the problem is. The difference between this issue and a regular soft opening issue of slowness or a missed topping is that this could have been avoided with better communication. They could have put a note saying “make sure it gives you a receipt.” Or even had someone stand there to make sure the first order went through properly. Nope, that would make too much sense. We waited 25 minutes for our missed order, another 10 for them to see if they could figure out how to fix the problem, and another 10 for our order to come out. That’s a long time to wait for 2 drinks and a small dessert! You are probably thinking to yourself…is he even going to talk about the drinks and food!?

There she is waiting for them to figure it all out at the counter. We relocated inside since a table opened up and I myself was wondering what was taking so long. 

Finally! Our order has arrived. The Oolong Milk Tea with boba is a favorite of ours and in order to be compared to our go to spots we have to order the same stuff. A solid 8.5 from me. You get a decent tea flavor with roasted notes and the boba was soft and slightly sweet. Not bad at all. 

Next was a slight variation to what I normally order, the Jasmine Green Milk Tea with Boba. This one uses fresh milk. I do like my fresh milk drinks, but often times they do not include any tea, which is why I stopped ordering them. Again, this was also a solid 8. Mine although we requested it to be less sweet, seemed more sweet than the other Oolong Milk Tea. Still, it was refreshing and tasty.

Lastly, the dessert section looked great. So many things to choose from. Yet, we both gravitated towards this one: Q Mochi & Egg Pudding Combo. If you like soft and chewy mochi and velvety smooth pudding, you should without hesitation order this. It might have been one of the better pudding’s I’ve had in a long time. The boba on top is kind of filler and not needed since we both had boba in our drinks. It was very satisfying nonetheless.

As you can see, the menu is huuuuge. I don’t think they serve any savory items and that’s the only thing missing. Popcorn chicken anyone? Even the pickiest of eaters can find at least one thing to order when you have so many things on the menu.

Final Thoughts

What worries me about a place like this is the feeling of resentment it causes in me. I resent the fact that it’s so good I’ll be forced to come back with the chance to be treated with disregard and lack of foresight. It’s like an addiction that feels so good in the moment, but as it passes you feel blah again. The credit card thing we can get over next time. Funny thing is I checked my bank account and there was a pending transaction after we placed the initial order so I thought for sure it went through. Guess not. In looking at reviews, the majority of the bad ones from the Cupertino location are service related and have nothing to do with food or beverage. I really hope Fremont does not follow that path and the Oakland location puts service on their priority list!

Meet Fresh
43337 Boscell Rd., P9-C
Fremont, CA 94538

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  1. Yikes, I would think that any issues they had would be discussed with team to make improvements for the next day. The machine sounds useful but only if you figure it out! A “hint” sheet would be nice! We have a great boba tea spot in Mira Mesa which is now our go-to. I like the convenience and taste!

    1. Yeah, I’m sure they’ll fix the issue in due time. Just sad they knew about it and didn’t have a proactive approach. What’s the boba spot in Mira Mesa you like nowadays? We’re into iTea up here.

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