Skillet’z Cafe – Fremont

Man was it hot this last weekend! I hope everyone found an ocean, pool, or cooling center to escape the heat. This post will be short and sweet. We visited another place in our new favorite little old town Niles, located in Fremont. If you want to read more about Niles or the restaurant we previously visited, Nature’s Microcreamery and Soul Cafe, feel free to here. Our visit on this day was to Skillet’z, which is right down the street from Nature’s Microcreamery and Soul Cafe. It’s a hot spot for breakfast and brunch.

Apparently we picked a busy one! With a line out the door, we were not sure how long it would take to get in. And that’s the thing with new places. You only can hope for a decent waiting system. Restaurants that have no system are not very high on my list of places to frequent. Maybe it’s a fairness thing and maybe it’s a situation that I feel restaurants can control. Certain people will be punks if allowed to. So if there is no list to put your name down or no ticket to grab, I prefer to not hover around the entrance alongside where everyone else hovers. Gimme my space!

So about that line…there is a line as you can clearly see on the left, but then there are these outliers on the right which makes things confusing. So my gal graciously swam upstream to see if there was a sign in. She made her way to the hostess stand deep inside the restaurant and they asked how many we had. So I am guessing they wrote it down and about 25 minutes later, they called our name. They get a B on system.

One thing that caught my eye were the interesting looking drinks and we had to try one. We ended up with an iced mocha latte. I guess they’re interesting because they pile them high with some sort of sweet addition on top. There was quite a bit of whipped cream and it kind of dominated the taste.

Simple, affordable, yet oh so satisfying, the French toast did its job. Other descriptive words: dense, hot, and tasty.

Last we tried the corned beef hash with eggs and hash browns. Whenever I see corned beef hash, it is a must order for breakfast or brunch. No not the healthiest of dishes, but it hits that morning spot I seek. This version wasn’t bad. The portion is pretty up there, but most restaurants that serve this give you a lot. If there was any knock I wish the cubes of potato in the hash were a little bigger cause I like that mouthfeel. Other than that, nothing really bad to say.

Final Thoughts

Is Skillet’z the brightest star amongst stars in Niles? Maybe? Nothing we had was bad, but I’m not sure it warrants a 30 minute wait. Everything seemed pretty standard and the staff were quite nice. I didn’t get too many pictures of the decor inside, but there are some interesting and eclectic things to look at. So if you like to look at intriguing things while you eat breakfast you might like it there. All in all, we had a nice meal and would consider going here again, just not anytime in the immediate future. How about you? Any other places in Niles we should check out?





Skillet’z Cafe
37378 Niles Blvd
Fremont, CA 94536

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