Urban Plates – Dublin

One of our go to places on our way up to Los Angeles from San Diego was Urban Plates when we lived in Southern California. I totally didn’t know there was one up here until relatively recently.

They have all sorts of things that will please almost everyone such as salads, sandwiches, and plates.

And it looks well kept and clean too! Things are always more appetizing when things are nice and neat…and colorful.

Tender Greens was the first restaurant I remember going to that served up an experience like this. Back then, a plate was $10 for one protein, one salad, and one side. Now I think it will cost you $12, but that’s not too hefty of a price for a fairly large plate of food. At Urban Plates, their price ranges from $12.50-$14.50 a plate depending on what you order.

Their plates are a little different. Instead of a salad, they give you two sides and a piece of char-grilled rustic bread. 

These cookies were as big as my face. Yes they were tempting, and miraculously we somehow managed to steer away from them.

Grilled free range chicken with roasted rosemary potatoes and roasted asparagus – $12.50

The amount of food on one plate is enough to feed both my fiance and I. The chicken could have been a little hotter, but it still was tender enough. We wished the chicken had a bit more flavor. A problem solved with a little bit of hot sauce from their sauce cart. This made it a much better tasting plate of food. While the sides tasted fine, the asparagus in particular was a little under cooked and hard to chew. ­čÖü

Grilled steak salad with jicama, pineapple mango salsa, mint, coconut roasted cashews, and mild jalape├▒o lime dressing – $13.50

The grilled steak salad turned out to be the winner of the night. The salad could stand on its own without the meat, and it did as the meat was also a little chewy. Luckily the salad carried the steak to the finish line. I probably should have left with a bottle of their┬ájalape├▒o lime dressing because it was that good. I’m not a fan of fruit in my greens and this was no different. But everything else worked really well.

Final Thoughts

I really wish there were more of these types of restaurants closer to where we live. That’s one thing about San Diego I miss. There seemed to be more than a few of these types of places that were easily accessible to us. It’s great to be able to get good quality food at an affordable price. Another fun thing about these places is the variety. There are so many sides to choose from and it’s fun choosing different combinations. They often change the sides and chances are the next time you go there will be other options to choose from. So I hope they open more of these joints in the East bay soon!

Urban Plates
5111 Martinelli Way
Dublin, CA 94568

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