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Annnnd we’re back! Sorry it has been a little busy lately so I haven’t had a chance to write. Now I have an even bigger backlog. Oh well, you gotta start somewhere so let’s get it.

This post will focus on a beloved restaurant of ours called AS B-Dama located in Swan’s Market in downtown Oakland.

If you’ve never been to Swan’s Market before, it basically serves as a small food hall with a handful of restaurants sharing the space. They also have a few other vendors selling meat and seafood amongst other things.

AS B-Dama is towards the back and if you aren’t looking, you can miss it in favor of the other restaurants in the main area of the market.

Tuna Avocado Roll – $7

Now we don’t typically order sushi here. We heard good things about their other sushi restaurants and had to order at least one roll. Chikara Ono, the restaurateur who started AS B-Dama has a high end sushi restaurant next door called Delage, and also recently opened a small 7 seat prix-fixe sushi restaurant in Alameda called Utzutzu in the old space occupied by Yume Sushi. How was our first bite of sushi? Pretty darn tasty. The fish was fresh and very clean.

Tonkatsu – Breaded Pork Cutlet with Tonkatsu Sauce – $7

For our main entree we wanted to keep it simple with Tonkatsu. The set comes with rice, salad, miso soup, and a vegetable dish. Everything is so tasty here. The tonkatsu is not heavy and doesn’t weigh you down, which we love. The miso soup may have been a little salty for our taste but the green beans helped balance it all. The pork is soft on the inside, and slightly crispy on the outside.

Matcha Affogato – Vanilla Ice Cream with a Shot of Green Tea – $5.50

One thing we like to indulge in is the matcha affogato. When we first got it we weren’t sure how it would go. If you want to taste the green tea by itself like we did initially, don’t expect any sweetness. In fact, if you know how green tea can be bitter you may have an idea the bitter face we displayed after taking down a spoonful.

Pouring it over the vanilla ice cream enhances both of them to insane levels. Something so simple, yet so satisfying. It is hard to describe but something we have grown very fond of. If you have never had this combination before we strongly suggest you give it a try!


Final Thoughts

We love AS B-Dama partly because it reminds us of how we felt with another Japanese restaurant in San Diego called Wa Dining Okan. It’s simple, not heavy, and well executed food. It’s also very affordable. The best restaurants are ones that give the most utility and I am always searching for more of them. So how about it? Do you have any similar restaurants that have the same qualities?

AS B-Dama
907 Washington Street
Oakland, CA 94607

2 thoughts on “AS B-Dama – Oakland”

    1. Yes, I don’t know if it is as hidden as Wa Dining Okan, but we like to think of it that way. I think you would enjoy the green tea on ice cream! Yes we are eating quite well. Maybe too well… ;P

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