Chicken on Fire – Castro Valley

I love me some chicken wings. As of late its been the Korean variety more so than the American, but any chicken wings are okay in my book. Chicken on Fire is located in Castro Valley and has been around since early 2017. The craving set in and we sought out the best wings we could find close by.

Chicken on Fire starts you off with a nice pickled daikon to help cut through that fried chicken goodness to come.

French Fries – $4

Because we weren’t going to get enough grease we got some fries on the side. I thought they were well seasoned and a nice accompaniment to the other dishes.

Potstickers – $5

On the other hand, the potstickers I probably wouldn’t order again. They just were alright and the flavor of the other items definitely stand out more.

Small – 1 rice and salad, 4 wings, 2 drumsticks – $9.50

The salad that comes with the combination really did help balance the amount of fried food we had. The main flavor here is sesame. There are three sizes or combos you can get. The small for sure was enough for the lovely lady and I. It comes with a rice, salad, 4 wings, and 2 drumsticks. You can also opt for just wings or just drumsticks.

For those challenged with too many choices, this is the place you can thrive in. There are only a few sauces to choose from. For our wings we got soy garlic. A little sweet, a little savory, and perfectly fried twice, we liked what was happening in our mouths as the juice burst out after we clenched down into the meat. Cravings satisfied, check.

Over the years it feels like my spice tolerance has bounced around from being able to handle a ton of spice to being a baby with the faintest sign of a jalapeƱo. At the moment I’m somewhere in the middle. We ordered the drumstucks with regular spice. Medium kicks it up a notch and we wanted to test the waters first before we went too crazy.

These brought the heat. It wasn’t intolerable, but it also was no walk in the park. My lady couldn’t handle it after a few bites. For me after the initial heat, I got used to it and easily polished them off. They were not at the level of heat leads to discomfort and pain, which results in this tastes like pure battery acid.

Final Thoughts

Even if chicken wings weren’t on my list of favorite things to eat, I probably would still want to come back to Chicken on Fire. Chicken wings are something so simple but can be downright satisfying to the bone. We’ll be back for sure. On a related note, Bonchon, a Korean fried chicken chain is supposed to open a new location in San Leandro soon in the Safeway plaza off of Juana. I’ve seen the sign for a few months so I hope they open soon so we can further indulge in fried chicken goodness.

Chicken on Fire
2836 Castro Valley Blvd
Castro Valley, CA 94546

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