Hawking Bird – Oakland

Since our beloved Hawker Fare in Oakland closed its doors, we noticed Hawking Bird had opened in the Temescal area. Surely a restaurant by the same group would leave us as satisfied as before. Hawking Bird is one of those trendy places that you want to like so bad, anything less than stellar would be a let down.

They only really have one main dish, khao mun gai which is poached chicken cooked in chicken broth with a fermented soybean sauce on the side. We love this dish and lately have been craving a good plate of it. Unfortunately, it fell a bit flat. The chicken lacked flavor and came out a little warmer than room temperature. So sad. We were looking forward to adding it to “the list.”

Other sides include tater tots and garlic noodles. For variety we got the garlic noodles and boy were they salty and oily. You know how some salt or pepper containers have one end with a bunch of holes to control the amount of salt and the other end has a huge hole for a larger amount? Yeah, guess which side it felt like we got? We definitely would steer away from this dish should be return here again.

What did help tame the salty beast is a sweet Thai iced tea.

They serve adult drinks and have an extensive bar selection. Perhaps on weekend nights the food takes a back seat to the drinking festivities?

Final Thoughts

Savoy Kitchen in Alhambra which serves Hainan Chicken and Nong’s Khao Man Gai in Portland are our go to favorite places for this type of dish, and we left Hawking Bird with an itch to still scratch. So the search continues in the Bay for a place we can satisfy our craving. That’s not to say we won’t give it another try in the future. Maybe we caught them on an off day. Anyone have any recommendations for KMG or hainan chicken in the bay?

Hawking Bird
4901 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA 94609

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