Full House Cafe – San Leandro

Full House Cafe opened a few months ago in San Leandro. It’s one of several Hong Kong style cafe’s in the area. There’s a Full House Cafe in Oakland that looks to be run by the same group.

When we arrived it was not very busy. Like we were the only ones besides the staff inside. Typically we peek into restaurants and stay far away from a place this empty. But since it was new and we were in the mood, we opted to check it out. Luckily the place started to fill up shortly after we sat down.

They have specials listed on a bright neon board outside so you can picture what your food future might look like.

After ordering and downing a cup of complimentary tea, we were ready to begin our Full House tour.

Griddle Cooked With Beef ($9.95)

An item from the special menu compelled us, the Griddle Cooked Beef. This came out sizzling and had quite the kick to it. The lotus root stood out and we could not get enough of it. Although the dish weighed us down, it was our favorite of the evening.

Wonton Noodle Soup ($5.99)

I can always go for a bowl of soup, especially wonton noodle soup. A little bland, with the wontons not the best, it did not trigger that warm fuzzy feeling we were hoping for. The wonton filling left our mouths moving in a cow-like fashion, as if we were chewing on some hay. Not sure what was up with that. The actual noodle had no bounce and disintegrated immediately upon contact with chop sticks and tongue. So sad.

Pork Chop Macaroni Soup ($6.49)

And just because, the pork chop macaroni soup was a little better than the wonton noodle soup. But boy was it salty. I think the top of their shaker must have come off. Without the salty soup, the noodles and pork tasted fine. If we took it home we could have diluted it with water and chicken broth.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of places with similar food to try around here. And while we didn’t have the most memorable food experience at Full House Cafe, I always like to try a place at least twice before adding or nixing it from “the list.” So we will see what comes our way next time. The griddle beef dish I would recommend so maybe I’ll start with that and order a different protein next visit.

What are your favorite dishes to get at a Hong Kong style cafe?










Full House Cafe
1456 E 14th St
San Leandro, CA 94577










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