Jus by Julie 3 Day Cleanse

Jus by Julie

Normally I would never even think about doing a cleanse. Until recently, this hasn’t even been a thought that entered my conscious mind. But for some odd reason, doing one popped into my head. And when something pops into my head, especially something challenging, I tend to want to do it. So then research began wanting to find the best juice cleanse I could find for the least amount of money. After reading about lots of local companies and not really feeling the close to $100 a day price tag, I found the Jus by Julie 3 day cleanse and it looked affordable.

Jus by Julie

Jus by Julie is based out of New York and it looked like a decent size company so the search was on for discounts. First I found a coupon for free shipping. Then I digged a little deeper and found a Groupon. Next I looked to see if they are on Ebates, and they were. Finally I tried to stack the coupon, the Groupon, and Ebates to my success! If you’ve never heard about Ebates before I highly suggest you look into it if you do any sort of online shopping. Basically you sign up for an account and they give you a % off of your purchase just by going to their site or using their app. They redirect you to whatever site you are interested in shopping at and the transaction takes place on the store you purchase from. As an example, Expedia and Walmart are 10% and Kohl’s is 6% as of the time I am writing this. Sign up here if free money sounds good to you.

Jus by Julie

They send it to you with a bunch of ice packs so it can last a while outside your door in case you can’t bring it inside right away. Most of the juices seemed frozen when I opened the box.

The Cost

The total ended up being $51.79 for a 3 day cleanse! I wouldn’t bank on such a big discount, but for that price I was all in. That comes out to $17.26 per day. The normal Groupon price is $69.99 for the 3 day cleanse. And the regular price on their website is $125. Even at full Groupon price it would have been way cheaper than many of the local options I was finding in the bay area.

Why Cleanse

Jus by Julie

This is straight from their website:

“Feel like you need a fresh start? The JÙSes in this cleanse, each made with blended whole vegetables and fruits, are designed to evict the unwanted toxins from your body while fueling you with essential fiber, nutrients and vitamins. Once you complete the cleanse, you’ll notice a restored sense of energy and a decrease in snack attacks. Get ready to feel great!”

This all sounds great and my goal was simply to perform a reset on my body. I felt like after the holidays, I never really adjusted back to “normal” eating habits and kind of was being a bad boy with snacking and eating too much of things I shouldn’t eat too much of.

But How Was It?

I’m typing this post up so I must have survived. Thank goodness. The plan is six bottles a day in a particular order throughout the day with plenty of water. If you get a multi-day cleanse it doesn’t matter which set of six you start with, as long as you go from 1 to 6 throughout the day and you drink the last bottle at least two hours before you go to bed.

Day 1

Jus by Julie

The first day was a little odd not eating anything. Surprisingly, I wasn’t hungry for solid food. It was the opposite. I was full on all the liquid. Surely I would want to quit after the first day because my hunger would tell my mind that what I was doing was ridiculous. I tried to prepare for hunger, but was lost when it never came.

My favorite bottles were Sweet Spin, Spicy Pomegranate, and Chia Berry. X-treme Greens had a really awkward aftertaste that I was not looking forward to reliving on Day 2 and Day 3.

Day 2

Jus by Julie

If after day 1 I wasn’t hungry, surely during or after day 2 I would be. Nope! Wow, this was weird. Something is wrong here. I couldn’t get my head around what was going on. How could I not be hungry? I did eye some beef jerky on day 2, but didn’t want it enough to want to cheat and it was wanting to have something to chew on more than anything else.

My favorite bottles were Sweet Spin, Spicy Lemonade, Chia Berry, and Coco-nana. Again, X-treme Greens was extremely unsatisfying to me.

Day 3

Jus by Julie

Okay, I was hoping for a little more variety. By the time day 3 hits I was so over X-treme Greens and Raw Green Protein as they were my least favorite of them all and I had to drink them every single day. I was most excited for bottle 5 which were the only ones that changed each day. My stomach started to feel funny the night of day 3. Not the “I have to go to the bathroom” kind of feel but “why did you do this to me” feeling. The funny feeling started to get a little painful. That was not so much fun. “Why did I do this to myself?” Oh well, at least I know now that my limit should be two days if I ever do another cleanse.

My favorite bottles were 1, 2, 4, and 5 with 6 and 3 being the only bottles that I really felt a near gag reflex after.

Post Cleanse

Sidestreet Pho

Day 4 my stomach still hurt and I wasn’t even hungry. We tried to ease into my solid food intake so we went to Sidestreet Pho and I got the Vegan Pho. I barely touched it and brought it home for another meal when I hopefully could regain my hunger back. My stomach still hurt a bit on day 4 but it started to subside around dinner time.

Greens and Grains

For dinner we went to Greens and Grains to once again, ease my body back into the solid world. I got a salad with olives, tomatoes, lentils, broccoli, and a lime vinaigrette with a side of Cream of Tomato Soup. By this time I was about 75% back to feeling like my stomach didn’t want to detach from my body.

The next day I finished up the Vegan Phofor lunch and had another soup for dinner. Day 5 I was back to eating normal food. I probably could have waiting longer to consume meat and other things but my stomach was back at 100% and I didn’t feel like I was going to get sick. Luckily, I did not.

Overall, I don’t feel that much different a few weeks after my cleanse. Perhaps my snacking has gone down a little bit, but that’s about it.


Jus by Julie

Before I started it I thought I would be soooo hungry that I would want to quit after the first day. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I actually was full throughout the day and didn’t even really think about quitting. They tell you to prepare your body before and don’t go too crazy by eating heavy foods like ice cream and tons of meat. I sort of went the opposite since I thought I would crave all those things and sort of overate the night before. Maybe that’s what contributed to my stomach pain? I don’t know. But I do know that it sucked. So lesson learned, only do a 2 day cleanse next time.

Would I do it again? Maybe. It’s not something I feel the need to do again anytime soon. But It was kind of fun doing something different and somewhat challenging. It might not be hard for some people, but eating is pretty much my favorite thing to do in the world so a world without food is like being trapped in a newfound circle of hell. Being hungry sucks and the good thing was I wasn’t hungry during the cleanse. The stomach pain after was not fun but I think if I limited the cleanse to 2 days I would have been fine. I don’t see any huge change to my energy level or hunger aside from the less snacking I mentioned earlier, which is a nice benefit. If not for the stomach pain, it might happen sooner than later.

So there you have it. Have you done a cleanse and did you notice any big benefits after? If you haven’t, would you try it?

Jus by Julie

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. The services mentioned are only ones I use and recommend.

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