JP Seoul Tofu House – San Leandro

There’s a new Korean spot in San Leandro, rejoice! JP Seoul Tofu House opened in February and we were keen on the idea of Korean food expansion in our area.

It is located in a pretty ordinary strip mall with a Pak N Save and a 24 Hour Fitness. No matter. We came for the food.

Our Process

When we go out to eat we typically share everything. We also are trying to cut down on how much we order and at times will only order one thing to share. I know, crazy talk for a food blogger. JP Seoul Tofu House has a combination option which turned out great for us and the perfect amount without leftovers.

It comes with “Chef’s Choice” Soondubu (tofu stew) and included beef on our night, and gal bi (barbecued short ribs). The stew wasn’t too spicy (we ordered a medium) and not too salty. It actually was quite light, even though it packed a whole lot of ingredients in the bowl.

The gal bi also impressed us. Almost fall off the bone tender meant, we didn’t need a knife and just cave man/woman’ed it with our teeth tools. The flavor was there and we began to realize what our lives would be like with a Korean place that we can go to close to us.

Our banchan plates came early and we finished them all before our main course came out. This probably is one of the more enjoyable portions of a Korean meal for me because you get to try so many different things. The black plate at the top tasted like fermented beans. It’s not an option we have often and surprisingly we ended up liking it. Luckily they replenished all of our banchan so we could enjoy it with our tofu and meat. 

They give you a dessert drink at the end that tastes like a sweetened yogurt/milk.

Final Thoughts

We couldn’t be more happy that a Korean place has opened that we can go to without feeling unsatisfied. Normally when we have Korean we have to go to Oakland or somewhere farther away. The service was a little slow due to it being a new restaurant and them getting their system down. But we knew that ahead of time and didn’t have unrealistic expectations. The food was good and we do expect them to improve over time with the flow of service. Next time we’ll venture into a different part of the menu and hope they can replicate our experience once again!

What are your favorite Korean restaurants in the bay area?

JP Seoul Tofu House
14393 Washington Ave, Ste J
San Leandro, CA 94578

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